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Gostoso has grown a lot as a tourist destination due to its great geographical position and the constant presence of winds, which initially attracted windsurfers and kitesurfers from all over the world. These adventurers soon realized that Gostoso would be a perfect spot for sailing and also relaxing.

Gostoso is one of the best regions in the world for sailing, because even when the wind is not as strong, it is still very good due to the trade winds.

Today, Gostoso offers a complete structure
for these sports, with Kitesurf and Windsurf clubs at various spots, experienced instructors, rescue teams, in addition to shops and storages, where the sailor can leave his equipment while he is here.


To start your Experience you need to find an instructor. In Gostoso
there are currently more than 20 instructors registered at the Kite / Wind Clubs. The Clubs are located near the beaches: – Ponta Santo Cristo Beach – Dr Wind Club / Gostoso School / Native Instructors – Cardeiro Beach – Kauli Seadi Club – Xepa Beach – Native Instructors. Choose one based on location, language and also price.

Kitesurf Schools



 October-March – East Wind
April to September – Southeast Wind

  • Whenever you go sailing, first contact one of the kite / wind clubs and let them know you will be on the water!
  • Always wear a lifejacket
  • Talk to sailors who know the spot to avoid accidents.




Rafael Massayuki Moriguchi


lo que dicen los expertos


Paolo Migliorini é campeão italiano de Windsurf. Visionário e pioneiro montou o primeiro clube em Gostoso chamado Dr Wind

Ponta do Santo Cristo. The nonstop Trade wind and the particular geographic formation (here we are on the corner of the continent), combined with a thermal effect, make this spot one of the places with the highest frequency of windy days in the world. Only the rains during the months of May and June can reduce the average of the winds. A wonderful bay formed on the corner is the perfect setting for what is considered one of the best and most complete spots in the northeast of Brazil. The wind direction is east-southeast, becoming side wind at the beach on the right hand side, between 18-25 knots. The most commonly used sails are 4.7-5.3 and kites 7-11. Between October and February some swells are possible, coming from the north, creating wonderful conditions for waveriding. by Dr Wind

In Gostoso we have two sailing seasons, from October to March with east wind and from April to September with southeast wind. Our school works with packages of 10 lessons, 5x 2 hours each, to teach the basics to the students. It is very important to talk to the club staff before starting your sailing experience in Gostoso. Visit Jangada Hostel and our School. We are on hand to help! by Remi


Remi é francês e especialista em Kitesurf. Sua equipe conta com vários instrutores locais nativos. Além da escola ele possui o Hostel Albergue da Jangada na Ponta do Santo Cristo.


Kauli Seadi é brasileiro e tricampeão mundial de Windsurf. Além do Clube Kauli Seadi, localizado na Praia do Cardero ele também possui a Pousada Kauli Seadi.

Ponta do Santo Cristo, and a little further up where the wind becomes more onshore, is the recommended place for kitesurfing biginners, and also when the wind is more offshore, it gets more stable; Reef Ponta do Santo Cristo – good when the swell hits. solid north swells with good periods; Cardeiro Beach Front – very good for Windsurfing for maneuvers and Free Ride; Sandbank between Ponta reef and Cardeiro beach reef – better and longer waves; Lagoa Sal – very good for wave sailing – good when the wind is more offshore in Gostoso; Marco Beach – when the wind is onshore in Gostoso; Tourinhos – gusty wind ideal for Stand Up Paddling and Surfing. Attention: Ponta Reefs and Cardeiro Beach Reff, being only this last one flagged to signalize they have oysters and very sharp shells. Ride downwind from the flag, except when the tide is high. by Kauli

The concept of  Junior “The Hand” is innovative: looking for the spot with the best wind condition, shallow and flat waters for Stand Up Paddling, together with the student, also introducing new spots during incredible trips! 

The main spots are: May-October: best time of the year (south of Gostoso)- Perobas beach/ Maracajaú/ Lagoa Grande

November-April: Perobas/ Gostoso beaches/ Marco beach

Further places: Galinhos and Soledade- groups of minimum 10 people, it´s necessary to rent a boat.

Soledade is Northern Galinhos, one of the most beautiful places in the region, shallow water beaches, from October-March east wind, overnight trips. By Junior “the Hand”.  


Júnior The Hand é o coordenador desde 2003 da Escola de kitesurf The Hand, professor de kitesurf autorizado pelo CREF-3360  Além de trabalhar com vendas de equipamentos no estado, dar aulas, Junior organiza Downwinds, viagens, filmes e recebe muitos atletas profissionais que vêm treinar.

Kitesurf & Windsurf

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Clube Kauli Seadi

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