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The Name
São Miguel: homage to archangel São Miguel; Gostoso: affectionate nickname given to a primitive inhabitant of the place, called Miguel Gostoso, the first host of Gostoso, who told funny stories. The honoree, having good conversation, used to gather the people from the village to tell stories and laugh.

Wild coastline with clean waters highlighted by the gleaming sands that border the sea. Vast coconut grove that surrounds the whole coast. Constant winds, perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many inns and restaurants, residents of various regions of Brazil and the world.

On September 29, 1884, Frei João do Amor Divino celebrated the first
Mass of Sâo Miguel de Touros. Soon afterwards, the Catholic temple of this place was opened, built by Mr. Miguel Félix Martins, to keep the promise made to São Miguel, asking for the cure of an illness. This was how the village of San Miguel de Touros was founded.

The municipality of São Miguel de Touros was created on July 16, 1993 and in 1999 it was renamed to be called São Miguel do Gostoso.
Folk Tradition: Bumba meu boi, Capelinha and Pastoril



Folk Tradition:



Bumba meu boi, Capelinha and Pastoril



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