Where was Brazil discovered?

Porto Seguro, Bahia, April 22, 1500. But are you sure about that? There is a new thesis that points Marco Beach as the place where the Portuguese arrived in 1500.

Regarding the discovery of Brazil, everything is possible. There is no theory that can be considered the final version. It is very possible that the first contact of the Portuguese with Brazil was not really in the region of Bahia but rather further north. Columbus had already arrived in 1492, on the occasion of the discovery of America, in Central America, which reinforces the thesis that both the winds and the currents sent the ships – the caravels – to that region of the continent.

Sou navegadora oceânica, conheço a dificuldade. Toda a condição de vento no Atlântico é favorável à chegada das embarcações de Cabral aqui. Depois de Cabo Verde, em 8 graus latitude Norte, você tem área de calmaria. Em seguida, o navegador encontra os ventos alísios e a corrente que cruza Fernando de Noronha, que o jogam violentamente para a costa do Rio Grande do Norte Rosana Mazaro

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

The thesis also advocates that the mountain described by Pero Vaz Caminha would not be Monte Pascoal, in Bahia.- Here we have the Cabugi Peak, which is an extinct volcano. It is visible from the sea. The other issued raised is the presence of waters, described in Caminha’s letter. The Potiguar coastline is filled with freshwater lagoons, which is not characteristic of Porto Seguro, she says.

Among the main proponents of the version is the historian, Lenin Pinto, with the books “Reinvention of the Discovery” (1998) and “Still the Question of the Discovery” (2000). The arguments that try to overturn the official version mainly point to the Atlantic currents. The truth will hardly be proved, but in any case Marco Beach
and Gostoso are part of this part of history and it is well worth visiting this beautiful beach!